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Integrated Marketing Communications

If you have a product or service, there are plenty of customers who want it.  The problem is rarely a lack of interested buyers, simply a lack of effective communication between you and the buyer.

You have plenty of customers.

You just haven’t met them yet.

So where do you start? Take a look at the questions below.  A successful marketing plan should address each question in detail.  If you can’t, thats OK, that’s why AuxArc iMC is here.  We will help you develop and execute a plan to contact, capture, and retain the customers you need to be successful. 

    Ask yourself...

  1. 1.What are the primary benefits of my product/service?

  2. 2.Who is my real target market (pool of potential customers)?

  3. 3.Is my product/service geared to my target market?  If not, do I need to change my product, my pricing, or my target market?

  4. 4.What is the most cost effective way to reach my target market?

  5. 5.Now that I have their attention, what do I need to say to get them to buy?

  6. 6.Sold! Now, how can I surpass my customer’s expectations of the product/service, buying process, and customer support?

  7. 7.How do I develop one time buyers into long term customers?

  8. 8.How do I get my happy customers to spread the good news to others?